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Dave Skelton

Certified Entrepreneurs Circle Coach

Helping your business reach its full potential

Hi, I’m Dave! All you need is a open mind and be totally honest with me so I can work and coach you to maximize the way to reach new customers, re-connect to existing customers, build your sales and rebuild your growth this to enable you to take back control of your life.

My Story

I am a certified coach with Entrepreneurs Circle. Many years ago, after leaving the Armed forces I became a Postman rising to rank of Manager of a sorting office. But this was not enough so I started a business, cleaning ovens both domestic and commercial after a few years I sold this for a very nice profit. Franchising was now getting so big across the world so I purchased a cleaning agency 6 months down the line I was the fastest growing franchisee, but I still wanted more out of life, so I took on a business coach it is now giving me a good living. Other franchisees were coming to me asking for help. I enjoyed this so much that I got in touch with Entrepreneurs Circle to become a business coach. Now I am happy in helping others to grow their business by getting customers and keeping them using a Rhythmic Acquisition of customers using a proven system that works.


How I can help you

Understand Your 'Dream Buyer' (Market)

Understand exactly who your target market is – we’ll drill down on your ideal avatar (possibly multiple avatars for some businesses) and we’ll look to the future in terms of the ideal customers that you want to attract and move towards.

Create Your Utterly Compelling, Differentiating Messages.

Weak, bland, forgettable messaging is responsible for the failure of a lot of marketing – so we make sure none of those traps are fallen into here.

Stabilize optimise and maximise

The final part of the system isn’t really a part at all. But what we’ve discovered over many years, is that your work to market and grow a business is never really finished. You have to keep working at it – and the best way to do that is in three cycles: Stabilise – Optimise – Maximise.


  • Are you a local business who wants new customers coming through your door each and every day?
  • Are you selling products online and want your inbox inundated with new orders?
  • Are you selling services to businesses or individuals and want to wake up every morning to an inbox bursting with ‘ready-to-buy’ leads?
  • Are you a accountant, photographer or B2B or B2C
  • – who wants a flood of the most highly-qualified and cashed-up customers waiting in line to do business with you?

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